Now your favourite game is avaiable on Android and iOS. Do not wait, choose your software and play H1Z1 on your phone!

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H1Z1 android
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H1Z1 Mobile is now available – see what to do in order to play this survival sandbox game!

The popularity of survival productions has sky rocketed throughout the last several years. It is all due to the introduction of many simulation-based elements that, as a result of the development of the market of computer games, allow players for much more advanced and much more sophisticated interactions and gameplay mechanics. That is one of the reasons why so many people enjoy playing survival horror games in the open world. Such game is H1Z1. Its popularity led to the creation of two subtitles, which is Just Survive and King of the Hill. Today on our page, we will be discussing the mobile version of H1Z1 with access to these two subtitles!

But before we do that, it is imperative for you to understand some basics regarding H1Z1 mobile. We know how difficult it is to find working application for mobile devices that offers a PC version of the game. This is exactly why we decided to put all our efforts on making H1Z1 apk. While doing that, we took under consideration such important factors as, for example, the compatibility, the size, the controls, and some other things. As a result, we made both H1Z1 android and ios versions of the game ready for everyone. So, let’s not wait any longer and delve into the world of H1Z1 on your smartphones and tablets!

H1Z1 – an ultimate survival game

The reason why we are now dealing with Just Survive and King of the Hill subtitles is quite obvious. H1Z1 was so popular and it varied so greatly that the authors decided to divide one particular production on two versions. The first one, Just Survive, focuses mostly on taking care of your life, gathering supplies, and building defences against the undead. The other part, however, introduces one of the most important elements that is likely to be inseparable part of real end of the world – the interaction with players.

But how did the entire series start? H1Z1 had its beginnings several years ago. Earlier on, the original version of H1Z1 focused on both fighting with the virus and the players who, instead of helping each other, were preying on the weak. In H1Z1, we will take the role of a character, who lands in a post-apocalyptic reality. There, the Earth has been taken over by bloodthirsty zombies. They have been eliminating every single life on earth, eating and devouring everything that came into their way.

The goal of the player is to stay alive for as long as it is possible and, of course, to eliminate all the hostiles, including other players. We should also remember, that the entire action can be observed from the third person perspective. Although H1Z1 divided onto Just Survive and Kind of the Hill, we managed to make an application that is capable of launching these two games. Of course when you launch it you still have to choose which version of the game you want to launch. It doesn’t change the fact; however, that you can enjoy both subtitles on your mobile phone. The only thing you need to do is to click H1Z1 download links you can see down below!

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How to install the game via H1Z1 free download links?

We know that it is extremely easy. However, to make sure that you don’t make a mistake, we encourage you read this instruction.

  • Click one of the private mirrors
  • The most important thing is to download .apk file on your phone from our source. It is the only legitimate source of H1Z1 mobile game.

  • Install the game and launch it
  • Once you get .apk file on your mobile device, install it and wait for the game to be ready to launch.

  • Complete verification process
  • It may happen that that popup with verification may appear. In such case, click “ok” button and follow the page.

  • Verify yourself and play the game.
  • When you finish the process, you just need to restart the game and enjoy it!

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Features of H1Z1 Mobile you get from us

H1Z1 offers an extraordinary gameplay that can be separated onto two different playstyles. Still, the most important thing is that thanks to the use of H1Z1 mobile download links, you can enjoy this wonderful production without the slightest problems. Of course you should keep in mind that as a result of spending so much time on programming, we made sure that H1Z1 ios or its android version offers you such elements as:

  • Compatibility
  • You can launch H1Z1 Mobile from our page on any hardware. Of course make sure that it supports basics graphics drivers and that some of the most important titles can be launched without a problem. When it comes to iOS or Android operating systems, it is worth to note that it doesn’t matter which one you have, it will still run without lags, freezes, or problems of any similar sort!

  • Size
  • H1Z1 Mobile is so small that you won’t even notice. It was all possible to due to the compression that we applied. Of course we recommend checking the game out and seeing that this compression did not have an impact on the way the game looks. Everything stayed the same – including audio and visual effects.

  • Completion
  • The product you are about to get from this page is complete. You will find here any and all options, features, functions, and game modes that the authors ever prepared for us. It means that you don’t have to worry about restrictions and limitations of any kind. You simply run the game and enjoy it.

  • Controls
  • If you always wanted to enjoy a user-friendly interface on your mobile phone, then now is your chance! We know how difficult it is to launch the game and play it without worrying about particular settings. That is why we allow you to change them!

  • Originality
  • The game you are getting is 100% legit and 100% consistent with what users on PC, XONE, and PS4 are receiving!

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Summary and conclusion

H1Z1 Mobile is available for you and anybodyelse. You do not have to worry about installing anything else. You simply get one apk, install it on your mobile phone, and once it is there, and you also verified yourself, you're ready to take pleasure in the game